Monday, November 16, 2015

It's Not Over

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but my life has taken some unexpected turns in the last few months. A lot of family issues, and have occurred in since this summer. The events of this summer are something I'll have to be dealing with for a while in my personal life; and while they are difficult for me to accept and live with day to day, they're something I know will make me stronger. I know I've been silent through most of this, except to give support to my sister, and it was because quite honestly, most of the focus has been on other members of my family.
I know my name has come up very rarely during this scandal, but my part in this is more important than most would think. Now I'm not trying to jump into the spotlight, or get my fifteen minutes of fame, but I need to let you know that there is much more to this story.
The focus of this issue was not to "out" my sister in essence, but something more sinister. Certain members of my family have decided that birthright is more important than justice, and have proved this by bringing hatred and unnecessary judgment on some if their relatives in order to protect their favorites. All the while, blatantly shunning the truth. They have lied in the name of religion, and have proved that they have only ever favored one of us. And to protect this one, they concocted a distraction, to destroy the one thing they knew would exact justice: the credibility of someone who knows, who has seen, and heard,  and has experienced, and would have exposed all of them for what they are.
And while they think they have won, they do not understand that the truth will always win, and justice will reign in the end.
This isn't over yet.