Monday, April 18, 2016

My Mountain Experience

I had the opportunity to go up into the mountains, and learn how to grow Cannabis. Of course I accepted. So I will be difficult to reach for a while, but I will blog about every thing that happens up there this Spring and Summer, and all of the bad ass things I learn how to do.

Day 1

Day One on the Mountain was peaceful. My friend Jack and I arrived early before everyone, so we sat for a while outside, and enjoyed the peace and quiet. It's so beautiful up here. All forest will silvery lakes dotted here and there. It was quiet and,to be honest, it was kind of a shock for me having been in the city for so long, the quiet was almost overwhelming. I felt the urge to turn on some music, or strike up a conversation to fill the silene, but after about half an hour, it started to become relaxing.
I brought my cat Sugar, and my puppy Rusty up with me to the mountain. I wasn't sure how my pampered spoiled house cat would react to the culture shock of being in the woods, but she loves it up here. Her calico fur which sticks out like a sore thumb outside in the city is the perfect camoflauge up here. When she sits still in the trees, you can't see her until she moves. Rusty went right to town digging holes all over the place. I can tell they're going to enjoy their stay up here just as much as I am.
Where we're at on the mountain, there's no electricity or running water. We have a generator so I can charge my computer, but that's about it. We have to drive six miles into town to get water, and take showers. We also cook our food over a fire. Which I actually like way better than regular cooking. For one it's way more exciting. Also there's the possibility that you can burn the hell out of your hands. Also you can roast marshmallows while you cook.  Which I think is the awesomest thing ever. We had forest chili that night. Jack made this concoction of beans, summer sausage, and chili powder, that was so hot it felt like my mouth was on fire, but so damn good I couldn't stop eating it. I ate so much, my mouth was numb by the end of the evening.
We pitched our tent after dinner, and sat and smoked some weed and drank some beer, and enjoyed the evening.
I really feel like I'm going to change up here. There is powerful energy here, and I think I'm going to learn a lot of awesome things up here. I feel like this beginning of my journey to inner peace, and I'm going to tell all of you about it.

C'est La Vie.
Viva La Vida.
And Fuck the System.
Signed, Esther Dolezal ♪♫