Monday, June 15, 2015


Shaking my head.
       It amazes me how fast people are willing to tear down someone who has worked very hard to get where they are. It amazes me how, after all these years, and the civil rights movement, it still comes down to what color someone is. It amazes me how far people will go to tear down someone's feeling of security. How someone will use anyone they can to tear someone down. Not only do they target that person, they have to target everyone they know and love. Not caring about the chaos they leave in their wake. Not caring who, or what they destroy as long as there is ultimate pandemonium in the end.
       For something that is making a difference, someone that is making positive changes in this messed up world, why would someone want to stop the good work they are doing? Why would someone want to reverse the positivity that has been created? Why does everything have to come down to race?
       People say it's fake. Everything that has been created. The unity, the community that has resulted. All the good that has, and people want to tear it down simply because of color.
       They say leaders can't have secrets. That leaders can't have private lives with their families. That if there is one miscommunication, then nothing is true.
       Some things can't be understood I guess.
       But speaking of fakeness, think about the accusers.
       You think they don't have secrets?

C'est La Vie.
Viva La Vida.
And Fuck the System.
Signed, hot_tunes♪♫

aka. Esther Dolezal
(In case you thought I was lying about my name)