Sunday, June 21, 2015

We Hate It As Much As You

So.... You know those phone calls you get if you have a landline telephone asking you to take surveys?
Those calls asking you your opinion of random stuff that usually doesn't pertain to you in the least?

Well, guess who now gets to be the one on the calling end of the line?

Yup. This chick.

Greatest. Job. Ever.
(That was sarcasm, in case you were wondering.)

So this is a friendly request from your friendly neighborhood telephone surveyor (or if you want the official term, "research assistant") to please understand that though, yes, those calls are ANNOYING, please, Please, PLEASE be courteous. Because if you tell me you don't want to take a survey, I'm not gonna make you. And even though you might have received eight calls in one day, I personally can only call you once, and it's not my fault who else calls you.

I understand it's frustrating, but it makes it a lot easier for me to smile and dial. Because seriously, the calls are bad enough, but calls from a pissed off surveyor are much, much worse.

Yes, I know you hate tele-surveys, but someone's got to do this job.

Unfortunately, it's me.

At least it pays the rent.

C'est la Vie.
Viva la Vida.
And Fuck the System.
Signed, hot_tunes♪♫