Monday, February 3, 2014

My Take on Reality

It just amazes me to see what the people of my generation think they deserve. We are the most "entitled" generation, and it horrifies me. How kids treat their elders. Now don't get me wrong. I know I sound über old fashioned, but I'm only 18, and even though I'm young, I can see the way this economy is going down. Especially here in America. Call me unpatrioric, but if my generation does not realize that our parents are not always gonna be there to give us everything we want, and soon, this nation is gonna crash and burn. Call me old school and pessimistic, but at least I have a grip on reality.
I mean seriously. In the long run, is it really gonna matter if you were popular in high school? Or if you were voted hot on the hot or not list? No. If we can't step away from the mirror long enough to live now, I don't think we ever will.  
But what do I know?
C'est La Vie. 
Viva La Vida. 
And Fuck the System. 
Signed, hot _tunes.