Friday, January 31, 2014

Soul Music

So I had my first experience with high level improvisation last week and I just have to say, I loved it!! It's what I've been looking for for a while. A group of musicians, a song we faintly know, and some basic chord patterns.  No structure. No rules. No bitchy professors telling me what and what not to play. It was perfect. And I could feel the connection between us in the room as we joined in together mixing individual genres together into a style that to be honest had no name. 
It was Real Music. Felt music. And it made my day so much better. I can't wait until we meet again next week. I really hope we can get more meeting times figured out, because even though we've only played together once, we sounded AMAZING! 
So music theory can suck it. Because theory and rules can never compare to the thrill of playing from the soul. 
C'est La Vie. 
Viva La Vida. 
And Fuck the System. 
Signed, hot _tunes.