Friday, January 31, 2014

Theory and Me.

Well I won't say I've been getting used to any sort of schedule lately seeing as how I haven't gone to class in like a week and a half. My sleep pattern is way off. I haven't gone to bed before one in weeks.  But ever since I stopped seeing J. everything is just crazy.
The one class I have been attending is improvisation. And of all the classes I'm taking, I think it is the one that's gonna help my career the most. Not music theory. Because no matter how much they try, I will never think of music as something that can be controlled by some rules that someone wrote down in a book. I get that to be a successful musician, I need to know theory, but that doesn't make it any less painful. When someone plays a song, and then I see someone else sit down, and analyze the song into algebraic sequences, and equations, and cadences, it just breaks my heart. It takes all the feeling out of music. That is the main reason I never write down any of my compositions. Because I don't want my music reduced to math and rules. I want people to be moved my music. I want them to see it for what it is. Music, nothing more or less. 
Someday I will make that happen.