Friday, January 10, 2014


It's funny how I thought that once I graduated from high school, and got out of the group home that things would suddenly get better for me.
I couldn't have been more wrong.
I mean, aside from the whole Montana thing, yeah that sucked, I did get through my first semester of college. Barely. I got stupid, and slacked off after midterms. Flunked two classes. At least I got A's in my music classes, and an incomplete on my music theory class which helped somewhat. And thank goodness I still have enough financial aid to get me through this semester.  I have about two hundred dollars left over which of course will go toward books, and maybe if I can afford it, the DVD I owe my brother/nephew (long story).
But here I am having the WORST Christmas break ever. All my friends think I'm in Hawaii, so they don't know that I'm bumming around town approximately half a mile from campus, completely miserable. I'll of course tell them how 'wonderfully amazing' my trip to Hawaii was.  And so It will work out. Well semester starts on Monday, three days from today. Can't wait. Yippee. Here goes nothing.
Let's see. I'm going back to a sort of relationship thing with Roger. Who is completely gorgeous, but I don't think he's the most loyal person out there per se. Anyway, I've been meaning to try to set up another photo shoot, see if I can get some sort of modeling career going. I started over the summer,  did a shoot that I was thrilled with, but it kinda fizzled when school started.
And theres this music thing. I mean I did finish the piece I was asked to compose for the promotional thing for NIC, but I want to do more than that, I know some producers, now just to score an audition...
It's rough but I'll get there.
I will.
But anyway,
C'est La Vie.
Viva La Vida.
And Fuck the System.
Signed hot_tunes