Thursday, January 23, 2014

Riding Solo

So I have decided that J is no longer a part of my life. First of all, he has WAY too much baggage, second of all he is involved in too much drama (which no 23 year old man should be), and he would ultimately tie me down to this place (which is a Big no no). So I'm single. Which is awesome because now I can focus on school 100%. 
I mean it's not like I even like being in a relationship except for the snuggle perks. I don't like sharing my bed, I don't confide in people, and I absolutely hate having to check in with someone every time I do something. So I'll just be single until the right man comes along. 
I would like a no expectations relationship, but apparently that's unheard of in this society. But it's whatever right?
C'est La Vie. 
Viva La Vida. 
And Fuck the System. 
Signed, hot_tunes